Dongyuan University dormitory five bedroom , Building 306 , Lee rain was lying in bed , using a mobile phone casually brush with micro / Bo , suddenly saw a broadcast of a classmate named " Wenge Lu Jing Xian wholesale Snapback Hats china lovelorn brother .. . " micro / blog , but also attached a picture on top . Lee drizzle open view of a curious place , then a pair of beautiful eyes momentarily then Dengyuan . "Little brother source ? ! " Rain dismay looking at photos on the phone , glances over and over again , and finally confirmed that people in this photograph , and indeed is the one who is unlikely to occur here in the small source brother ... "Little brother how to go Yunjiang source coming ? Still Wenge way ? " Looking at the photos , drizzle with curiosity himself . In the rain dormitory , Building 602 across the four bedroom , there is also a girl dressed in pink pajamas , looking at the positive side of the computer , while using cheap Snapback Hats from china the hair dryer blowing a soft hair, as she often Douqi hair , exposing of a very beautiful shot from the side . After the hair dryer , hair dryer girls down Snapback Hats china , pick up a comb his hair began stroking along , then began to readily use the mouse to point the Snapback Hats from china way to open a web page. Very few characters on the pages of striking : "East of the original university forum ... "

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