Hu old physician faced with some obvious requirements of sophisticated means , Jiang Yuan touches do not mind laughing , maybe he will a little nervous before , but now ... "Patients have a headache , chills and wholesale Snapback Hats paypal cough Snapback Hats paypal china performance , floating and tight pulse , cold syndrome to watch the passage of Snapback Hats paypal the cold lungs ... " synthesize a little about the situation , Jiang Yuan microfold a frown began to analyze the entire illness , and then began to recall such conditions need to use what 's prescription . Of course , this is a very simple thing, Gangwon just started thinking minds a prescription immediately emerge out automatically . "Three bend soup ... Xuanfei cold cough and cold ... Xuanfei medicinal ephedra , almond , bellflower , Peucedanum , licorice Xuanfei Lee gas , Huatanzhike ... " "Really is easy ! " For such a mind suddenly came out in full compliance with the requirements prescribed prescription message , do not need to expend energy to completely reconsidered , Gangwon touched his nose, then Qingtu breath ... With the right prescription , then the rest is simple, Gangwon ancestral practice has recently been quite a place, a variety of drug potency of clarity in the mind. So Jiang Yuan reached for cheap Snapback Hats paypal prescription and pen, pondered a little , and then they opened up the pen to paper ... Patients with cough headache chills performance , use three bend soup is very appropriate , but patients without chest tightness and older , including ephedra sex column , divergence is stronger , does not seem appropriate.

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